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Reactive Dog Class
Nose Work Games
Tricks and Treats
Fido Fun and Games
Pilates For Pooches
Private Lessons/Consultations

Obedience / Manners Classes

Focus Foundation
Focus Skills 2
Obedience II/Performance Dog

Puppy Classes

Ideal Puppy Training & Socialization
Super Puppy
Puppy Play & Learn
Puppy Agility Fun!
Puppy Agility 2
Puppy Agility 3

Agility Classes
(see also Puppy Agility above)

Agility Jumping & Weaving Skills
Intro to Agility
Beginning Agility
Novice Agility 1 & 2
Intermediate Agility 1 & 2
Advanced/Masters Agility
Agility Challenges
Mad Agility Skills
Agility Sequencing
Agility Just for Fun
Agility Fun Runs scheduled

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Behavior Questionnaire

Reactive Dog Class Questionnaire
(Or for Private Behavior Consultation)

Reactive Class Head Instructor: Lisa Radosta DVM, DACVB
Florida Veterinary Behavior Service

All Fields Are Required To Submit This Form.
Please be clear and specific so we can best help you.

Participant's Name(s):
Pet's Name:
E-mail Address:
Best Number To Call:
Birthdate: Sex:
How long have you had this dog?
My dog is reactive or aggressive toward: (Check all that apply)
adults dogs children other animals moving things/objects
Are your dog's behavior issues primarily while your dog is on leash during walks or off leash?
At what distance does your dog react to stimuli (dogs, people, things)?
How far away does the stimulus have to be before your dog relaxes?
My dog is reactive or aggressive when: (Check all that apply)
Reached for Corrected Touched
Pushed/pulled Lifted Hugged
Leash/collar put on/taken off Eating/food/bones On walks
Playing with toys Sees other dogs Sees kids
Sees motorcycles/skateboards/bikes People come to my house

This is how my dog shows reactivity or aggression: (Check all that apply)
Barks Lunges Growls
Snaps Bites/Tries to bite Nips
Pulls Tries to run away Stares
Snarls Jumps up Chases
Raises hackles  
  I have used the following to correct the problem:
(Please check all you’ve tried whether they have worked or not)
Stare down Choke collar Prong collar
Loud noise Dog sports Harness
Head collar (Gentle Leader/Halti) Crate Shock collar
Citronella collar Knee/hit Grab scruff
Shake or throw can Treats Muzzle
Water pistol/spray Praise Time out
Increase exercise/play Hang by collar Yelling
Decrease exercise/play Force him on his side
Has your dog ever bitten a person including yourself? yes no
If so, please describe.
Has your dog ever bitten another dog? yes no   
If so, please describe.

What do you hope to achieve from this class (or consultation) and what is the behavior problem you want to most correct?

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