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How to Schedule a Private Consultation or Training Lesson

1. Call 561-427-6700 to discuss your training goals or your dog's behavior issues with
Mindy Cox, BS, CPDT-KSA, Trainng Director.We will schedule an appointment that's convenient for you.

2. If you are not currently a client, please register now so we have complete information about you and your dog. To begin the process, please click here now.

3. We require payment in advance for private consultations.
As soon as you register, please fill out the payment form by clicking here now. Your appointment is not confirmed until we receive advance payment so please return it as soon as possible prior to your appointment. (For our cancellaton policy, see below.*)

4. If this appointment is for behavior issues we ask you to fill out the appropriate consult form and return it to us as soon as possible before your scheduled appointment (click on one of the forms below). If the appointment is for routine training, this form may not be necessary.

Consult Form for Behavior Issues

Consult Form for Reactive or Fear Aggression Issues

*Private Lesson Cancellation Policy: You may cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment with no charges incurred. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice you will be charged a $25 fee and the balance of the amount will go on your cliient account as a credit to be used for a future appointment. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance you will be charged a $40 fee with the balance of the fee as a credit that can be used toward a future lesson. If you don't provide any notification and don't show up for your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit the entire amount of the consultation fee.

If you would like to be on our emailing list for classes and events, please contact us and send us a note or click on the easy button below to sign up now.

We offer the following classes:
(CLICK on the class title for more info)

Special Interest Classes

Reactive Dog Class
Nose Work Games
Tricks and Treats
Fido Fun and Games
Pilates For Pooches
Private Lessons/Consultations

Obedience / Manners Classes

Focus Foundation
Focus Skills 2
Obedience II/Performance Dog

Puppy Classes

Ideal Puppy Training & Socialization
Super Puppy
Puppy Play & Learn
Puppy Agility Fun!
Puppy Agility 2
Puppy Agility 3

Agility Classes
(see also Puppy Agility above)

Agility Jumping & Weaving Skills
Intro to Agility
Beginning Agility
Novice Agility 1 & 2
Intermediate Agility 1 & 2
Advanced/Masters Agility
Agility Challenges
Mad Agility Skills
Agility Sequencing
Agility Just for Fun
Agility Fun Runs scheduled

We also do special events, including seminars, agility and rally run-thrus, workshops, and private dog parties.

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How do I register for a class or event?
  • Find the class you want on the list to the right. For events, go to the Events page.

  • Click the Sign Up button beneath the class description and fill out the registration form.

  • Payment can be cash, check, or credit card.

  • You can mail your form, email it, fax it, or you can sign up by phone. Go to the Contact Page to find all this info.
  • You can also drop off your registration form in our secure drop box to the left of the front door at Lucky Dog.
Do I need a club membership to take a class?

No. Becoming a club member and taking a class are two unrelated things, so you can take a class without being a member and vice versa. But as a member you have access to Lucky Dog and can practice whenever you want (when there is no class scheduled).

What are your hours?

An instructor is at Lucky Dog only when there is a scheduled class or event. However, we are happy to give you a tour and discuss classes at your convenience. Just give Mindy a call at 561-427-6700 to arrange it.

Do you only offer group classes?

While small group classes are a terrific and more economical way to train your dog, sometimes your pooch (and you!) need a little extra help. Call us to schedule a private lesson.
View a Class Calendar

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Private Consults & Training

Private consultations for dogs and puppies of all ages

We can help you find an effective solution to behavior problems and training issues.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your dog's behavior?

Is your dog experiencing behavioral problems?

Are you feeling anxious about all the work involved in training your dog or changing your dog's behavior?

Do you want a more well-mannered or responsive dog?

For any of these reasons and more we are happy to provide private, one-on-one consultations, training, and behavior modification. (Private instruction in dog agility is also available.)

Although we also provide training in traditional group class settings, we recognize that sometimes, for a number of reasons, classes are not always the best approach for everyone. Whether because of busy schedules, dog temperament or behavior issues, or just for the convenience, we believe that these things shouldn’t stand in the way of having a happy and well-trained dog that's a welcome member of your family.

client and dog In order to help you and your dog, we’re happy to provide private training here at Lucky Dog or at your home or other appropriate environments — tailored to fit the needs of you and your dog. We often recommend that everyone responsible for training the dog attend the sessions (unless you opt for Day Training, see below). If the need for private training is because of a behavioral issue, we can tailor a training and behavioral modification program for many behavior problems that occur.

Here are other things you should know. We use no-force, positive-reinforcement methods of training backed by sound scientific learning theory. We have a Certified Professional Dog Trainer who will work with you to develop concrete and realistic solutions to the problems you are facing with your dog, then give you the tools and support you will need to teach your dog good behavior or improve obedience skills.

Day Training is another option

We can come to your home during the day and train your dog while you're away.

It's the perfect solution for:

• Puppy parents who are unable to be home all day. We can help socialize your puppy, take him/her out to potty, train basic behaviors, provide play, exercise and attention.

• Owners who recognize that their dog needs specific training or behavior modification, but simply don't have the time to devote to doing the training themselves;

• Anybody who simply wishes to have a Professional Dog Trainer train their dog for them

Periodically we will meet with you so we can show you what your dog has learned and teach you how you can continue the training.

Issues We Can Address

Either through one-on-one personalized sessions or day training these are some of the many issues that we can help with:

• Good manners skills (greeting people nicely, walking politely on leash, coming when called, and many others)

• Housetraining

• Crate training

• Destructive behavior

• Dashing out the door

• Fear aggression toward other dogs outside the home

• Jumping up on people

• Fear aggression toward people.

• Lack of focus or impulse control

• Preparing your dog for the arrival of the new baby.

• Building a solid and safe relationship between your new puppy or dog and the kids (see the Family Dog All Stars Program below).

• We can also schedule private instruction in dog agility.

Private training is the right choice if:

• Your dog has specific behavior issues that are not addressed in a group class or make your dog an inappropriate candidate for group class;

• Your dog does not get along well with other dogs or people;

• Your dog has difficulty focusing around other dogs or in new places;

• You have a schedule that makes attending a group class difficult;

• You prefer the one-on-one focus of the trainer that private training provides;

• You are in a group class but want some extra help.

Your private consultation and training includes several steps.

• Discuss your dog's behavior & medical history

• Discuss your goals for your dog in detail

• Learn some basics on how dogs learn and positive reinforcement

• Outline a behavior & training program

• Work with you and your dog, teaching you both the skills needed to lessen problems and increase the reliability of appropriate behavior

• Provide a written report of the session and handouts to help ensure your success as you continue to practice at home.

Family Dog All Stars Program

It's the perfect solution for families with kids between the ages of 4 and 9 years of age. We will help you engage your children in learning the correct and safe ways to interact with that new puppy or rescue dog, building a long-lasting, happy relationship. There are lots of short interactive and fun videos that will keep your kids involved and you learning. Your puppy or adult dog is also involved in the learning process, gaining new skills to be a valued and polite member of the family.

CLICK HERE to find out more about this wonderful program that is perfect and special for the whole family.

Call Mindy Cox, B.S., CPDT-KSA
at 561-427-6700 (or email ) to learn more about how we can help you have the well-behaved dog you are happy to share your life with.

Photo at right:
Mindy Cox and
good friend Zander.

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