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Mad Agility Skills

Mad Agility Skills

Class date:
Monday, July 15, 2013 at 6 p.m. Register!
(Ends 8/19/13)

This 6-week class is taught indoors (with some occasional outdoor use).

Instructor: Anna Lee Sanders

Course Fee: $135.

Too hot for agility? Think again! This class is mostly taught in the cool comfort of the air-conditioned training room.

There are many dog skills that are useful on the agility course that are too time consuming to teach or perfect in an agility class. But to be even more successful on course it's often nice to have those skills in your dog's agility toolbox.

In this class we will uncover and address the gaps in your dog's understanding that are so often compensated for by your handling strategy. This will free you up to choose the best handling strategy for the course, knowing (and trusting) that your dog possesses the skills to get it done.

These are some of the skills we will work on in class:

• Lean & Roll: this will mean to your dog to continue heading in the direction he or she is going, take the obstacle and then turn left (lean) or right (roll).

• Go on: teaching your dog to keep going in a straight line on the path he or she is already headed.

• Your dog moving in a parallel path with you, the handler, at a lateral distance.

• Driving to the end position of the contact equipment and having an independent contact regardless of handlers acceleration, deceleration or the handler being behind.

• Independent weave entry and independent weave completion regardless of handlers location or motion once weaving has begun.

• Push: Cueing your dog to go to the back side of jump even when presented with the front side.

• Home & Away: used for working at a distance. This will communicate to your dog to do the obstacle closest to you, the handler, or do the obstacle farthest from you.

• Left/Right: this will cue your dog to mean "Stop! You are heading the wrong way! Immediately turn left or right."

Prerequisites for this class:
• While many levels of experience can benefit from this class, you and your dog should be either competing or trial-ready, or have graduated from at least an Intermediate Agility class.

• If you are a very experienced agility handler (trialing at the Open or above level) with a less experienced dog that does not meet the above criteria, that will be sufficient for this class (but your dog should know how to weave).

• Your dog should have good focus and attention in a distracting environment.

• Your dog should be good around people and very manageable around other dogs (the class is held indoors so the space is much tighter than outside).

• You use positive reinforcement to train (toys and/or treats)

• If you do not fit with the above prerequisites but feel that you have what it takes, you may request instructor's approval.

This class is for handlers who want to perfect and improve their dog's agility skills. This is not a handling class, but primarily an agility dog training class. We will not be running courses, although there may be times we use a short sequence to proof a behavior.


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