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Agility Jumping & Weaving Skills

Agility Jumping & Weaving Skills

Class begins: June 27, 2012 thru August 16th (no class July 4th or Aug. 1) from 7:15 to 8:15 p.m. FULL

This class will be held both indoors and outdoors.

Instructor: Cynthia Kean

Course Fee: $140.

To be successful in the sport of agility, the dog must be a skillful jumper. Every course your dog will ever run is primarily made up of jumps; yet, is it the least understood skill set in agility. When a dog understands how to jump, he will run more smoothly, efficiently, and decisively. Based upon Linda Mecklenberg's jump training, this class is geared towards both dogs just learning to jump and is also recommended for those who can benefit from increasing their dog's skill level. The class will increase your awareness of your dog's natural responsiveness to your body language and the effect it has on his or her jumping. Among other things, and your dog will be taught how to cue and understand extension and collection. With collection, your dog will be wrapping jumps cleanly and efficiently. This will increase your speed and success on the course. Correct jumping skills means fewer dropped bars and off-courses. We will work on single jumps, grids, boxes, and other combinations to improve your handling and your dog's understanding of how to jump. You will also work on acceleration, deceleration, and lateral motion cues. Access to a jump (or several) outside of class is required. For best results, plan on working on jump drills several times a week.

In addition to jump training, we will work on increasing your dog's weaving skills. Weaving is one of the most difficult skills in agility for your dog to learn. We will work on your dog's understanding of this obstacle, as well as imrpoving entries from all angles. When your dog increases his or her confidence in the weaves, speed will increase as well.

This class is suitable for all adult dogs over a year of age.


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